Our Ideas

Customizable tours and the option to visit more secluded places

Although we have carefully designed and planned our tours, we are always happy and willing to customize the tour with you according to your needs and preferences.
Nowadays the central part of the desert has more and more tourists every year. Moreover, you can see camps around every corner. If you would prefer a more secluded and personal experience in an area with fewer people and no crowds, we can take you to the Great South. This area, as the name suggests, is located in the South part of the Wadi Rum desert. It has a mixture of white desert as well as red sand. It is a most magnificent and beautiful area where you can enjoy more silence and peacefulness than during conventional destinations.


Our recommendations

We have a large variety of tours for you to select from on our website, but we strongly recommend you to stay with us for at least two days and two nights. This way, we can take you to the famous spots on the first day, while also having sufficient time to explore the beautiful South with no crowds. The longer you stay with us, the more fulfilling and complete your experience will be, and you will develop a true feeling for desert life. It is best to also include at least a short camel ride and maybe a longer hike up our scenic mountains.


Our camp

We are a medium-sized camp, beautifully nestled in between rocks. We are trying to keep the size down, in order to ensure the best experience for you, without too many other people around. This way, you can enjoy good conversations in the evenings with our other guests, while not being bothered by big crowds, guaranteeing a personal experience for everyone.
We are always happy to share our culture and both ancient and more modern ways of Bedouin life with you and are eager to answer any questions you might have.



Garbage pollution in the Wadi Rum desert

Unfortunately, many parts of the desert have been littered with empty bottles and other rubbish left behind by locals and visitors. You can help us pick some of the rubbish, to get the desert back to the state that it was before. Please take care of our environment in order to preserve its beauty for many more years and centuries to come. You can put the trash into our jeep, so we can take it back to the village. Help us keep the desert clean!