Wadi Rum is one of the most spectacular deserts in the world, and certainly the perfect choice if you want to go hiking! We know how to get far from the crowds, where all you will hear is the silence of the desert.
We want you to get the best possible experience, which is why out of the numerous places in the Wadi Rum desert, we have selected for you hikes with the most spectacular views, which at the same time are interesting to go up. Even on the way up, you will already enjoy the most beautiful surroundings. They are the most adventurous as well as picturesque hikes. We have both easy, and more challenging routes for you, so whatever your preference, be assured you will find it with us. We offer tours for walking, hiking, and scrambling, and there is something suitable for everyone’s fitness level. Our hikes include Burdah Mountain, Um Adami, and Al Hash, all of which you can book as part of a one-day tour, as well as a two-day option.
All our hiking tours are done in combination with jeep tours. The hikes are located on very different sides of the desert, hence it will be most convenient for you to reach there quickly by jeep, so you can save your energy for going up the mountain. Moreover, it will give you the chance to see other places too, like narrow canyons, ancient inscriptions, sand dunes, etc. where we will stop on the way.
If you choose the two-day option, additionally to the main hike, you will get to see yet many more breathtaking places in Wadi Rum desert, which would not be possible to cover all in one day.

Burdah Rock Bridge Hike

This is one of the most spectacular hikes in the Wadi Rum desert. It takes about 3h and is suitable for everybody who enjoys climbing and scrambling at an intermediate level without too much experience needed. The hike passes through narrow canyons, you can enjoy beautiful views on the way up, there are parts where you have to use your hand, as well as parts for normal walking in between. It is an adventure not to be missed and certainly an unforgettable experience for everybody. At the top, you will be surprised by the beautiful famous arch awaiting you after your effort of hiking and scrambling up. Due to it being located in the East part of the protected area, you can have views in all directions; to the West and the North you can see inside the magnificent protected area, whereas to the East you can also view outside of it. You will go with an experienced guide, so even the less experienced have nothing to worry about.

  • Burdah in 1 day

We leave the village at around 9.30 am, then go to visit Lawrence Spring, sand dunes, Khazali Canyon, and the Small Rock Arch. Then we head to the Burdah area, where we will have lunch, before embarking on our main goal, climbing up Burdah mountain and its famous arch on its top. Afterwards, we go to Um Frouth Arch, followed by Abu Khashabah Canyon, a narrow sandy canyon, that you can walk through and be picked up by us at the other end. Then, we go to watch the sunset. After a long day, we will now take you back to the village. In case you decide to spend the night with us, we will take you to our Bedouin camp. Here you can enjoy Bedouin food cooked under the Earth as part of a big dinner buffet. You can sit around the fire and exchange talking, enjoy the silence of the desert and watch the stars. In the morning, after a delicious breakfast buffet, we will take you back to Wadi Rum village.

  • 2-day Burdah Tour

The first day is similar to the one-day trip, after which you will spend the night at our camp. On day two, we go see yet more magnificent places by jeep. First, we pass Mushroom Rock, then go to the White Canyon, Burrah Canyon, Umm Ishrin Canyon, then we find a nice place to have lunch and rest for a while. Afterwards we go to Anfeshiyeh inscriptions, then head to the big sand dunes. Now you can decide whether you want to go back to the village (at around 3 pm) or spend another night at our camp.

PRICES (per person)

BURDAH1 day 1 day, 1 night2 days, 1 night2 days, 2 nights
1 person100 JD125 JD200 JD225 JD
2-3 people60 JD75 JD110 JD135 JD
4-6 people35 JD60 JD75 JD90 JD
7+ peoplecontact us

Al Hash Hike

This hike is a very easy hike that everybody can manage with ease. The mountain with mostly flat ascend is located in the South of the protected area. Even beginners and people worried about having to climb over rocks have nothing to worry about. Being suitable even for young, this hike is a must-do for the whole family, an activity not to be missed!
The hike is located in a high area of the Wadi Rum desert. You will go there by jeep, and already on the way there, you will pass beautiful small rocky hills.
Going up, you start by climbing some steps, then continue with a mostly flat walk going slightly up. The walk goes up and down through sandy areas. From here you can start enjoying the view on the left side. Then the road will take you a little bit higher for about ten minutes to reach the top with a magnificent view all over the beautiful white desert. You can also see a mix of different coloured mountains. You can see over Sabat Valley, as well as Um Adami mountain. The hike takes about 2h.

  • Al Hash in 1 Day

We start from Wadi Rum village around 9.30 am, visit Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon, and the Small Rock Arch, then stop at a nice place to have lunch which will be prepared for you traditionally over the fire. After a rest, we now head to Al Hash Mountain and walk to the top. After descending again, we take you to watch the sunset. Then we either head back to the village or go to our Bedouin camp and enjoy more Bedouin tea and biscuits. Later in the evening, you get to eat from our big buffet dinner which includes traditional Bedouin food cooked under the Earth. Enjoy the silence of the desert, watch the stars, share stories around the fire, and listen to Bedouin music played on the oud.

  • 2-Day Al Hash Tour

The first day is the same as described above, but then, on the second day, we will take you to yet more beautiful places. These include Mushroom Rock, White Canyon, Burrah Canyon, Umm Ishrin Canyon, and of course another lunch in the desert. After visiting Anfeshiyeh inscriptions and the big sand dunes, we now head back to the village at around 3 pm. If you are going to spend another night with us, we will take you back to our camp in the evening, and head back to the village in the morning after breakfast.

PRICES (per person)

AL HASH1 day 1 day, 1 night2 days, 1 night2 days, 2 nights
1 person100 JD125 JD200 JD225 JD
2-3 people60 JD75 JD110 JD135 JD
4-6 people35 JD60 JD75 JD90 JD
7+ peoplecontact us

Um Addami Hike

This is the highest mountain in Jordan (1854m), also within the high area of the Wadi Rum desert. It is located at the border of Saudi Arabia. It is also pretty easy and suitable for almost everyone.
Getting there in the jeep you go through the white desert and pass Nughara Canyon. Starting the hike, the first thirty minutes you will have to use your hands a bit, scrambling and climbing up over some easy rocks, then continue hiking to the top going up hills with beautiful views. From the summit, you can enjoy a 360° view in all directions. To the South side, you can see Saudi Arabia, to the North side mountains and the white desert outside the protected area, as well as Jabal Rum, the second highest mountain in Jordan, inside the protected area. You can see very far overlooking huge areas of the desert. Enjoy the different colours and shades of sand, rocks, and mountains. The hike takes about 3-4h.

  • Um Addami in 1 day

We start at Wadi Rum village and drive to Umm Adami Mountain. On the way, we stop at Nughara Canyon and break there to watch Nughara view. Then we continue to Um Addami Mountain to start the hike and enjoy the view from the top. After getting back down, we have lunch, then cross the White Desert with some more nice views, and depending on the time stop at some places. After locating a nice spot to watch the sunset, we go back to the village or head to the camp, depending on your choice. At the camp, you will enjoy traditional Bedouin food as part of a big buffet, relax over a cup of Bedouin tea while enjoying the silence of the desert, and listen to traditional Bedouin music under the stars.

  • 2-day Um Addami Tour

On the second day, we visit Burdah Mountain, Abukashaba Canyon, Um Froth Arch, have lunch at a nice spot in the desert, go to Little Rock Arch, Khazali Canyon, and some sand dunes. Now you can decide to spend another night at the camp or go back to the village.

PRICES (per person)

UM ADDAMI1 day1 day, 1 night2 days, 1 night2 days, 2 nights
1 person120 JD150 JD210 JD235 JD
2-3 people70 JD85 JD130 JD150JD
4-6 people40 JD70 JD85 JD95 JD
7+ peoplecontact us