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Welcome to Wadi Rum, the most spectacular desert scenery on earth. Its sweeping, desolate valleys of red and white sand dunes stretch for over 100km. Bounded by towering jabaal, peaks smoothed and sculpted into striking sandstone domes. Our family has been here for centuries, and we know and love the desert like an old friend.

We offer a wide range of adventure excursions into the heart of Wadi Rum. As well as carefully-designed jeep tours, camel treks, hiking and climbing, we offer fully-customizable tours designed by you. We’ll help, of course.

We are small scale, family-run business that provide authentic Bedouin experience to our guests. All of our guides are sons of the Bedouin, borned and raised in this desert who are always eager to share with you, the way of the desert-dweller and the best spots hidden within the vast desert. Be it an epic adventure that you are looking for, a cultural buzz, or just to enjoy the warm breeze, the timelessness and serenity, there is always something for you in Wadi Rum, but why not have it all? Join us on one of our unforgettable excursions into the desert of your wildest dreams…

wadi rum desert

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wadi rum desert


wadi rum desert

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Our family offers the most exciting tours and customized adventures for the best prices. Contact us and we’ll show you the wild side of the desert…