Sleep under the Stars

Join us and experience camping in Wadi Rum Desert and sleep under the stars!


At night, when the desert is at its most silent and the stars become a glowing blanket in the clear sky, when the gentle desert breeze blows free of any pollution, you will feel something unique. This is the moment when you will understand the real meaning of the desert for the Bedouin people and why they resist the hardships of such complex landscape to continue living in this magical place.
Sleep Under the Stars Tours will give you a realistic experience and full of insights about the Bedouin life. During the day, we will show you spectacular views and the major sites in the Wadi Rum desert. Before sunset, while we still have daylight, we will look for an appropriate place to set up camp and spend our night under the stars. Setting the fire is a crucial factor, because we will then proceed to prepare the food and make Bedouin tea. After dinner, we will sit around the fire to exchange a good conversation, tell you about our Bedouin culture, customs, traditions and all about the desert.
Fall asleep under the open night sky, while gazing at stars and/or the moon with a beautiful background of desert and rocks. Enjoy the peacefulness and calmness even more than at the camp. Wake up in the morning by the natural sunlight and enjoy the beautiful colours and shades the early morning sun casts on the mountains.
All food, water, and sleeping gear is included. You should bring torch, sunscreen, hat, and warm clothing in winter.

1 Day 1 Night Tour: Sleep under the Stars

We start at 9.30 am in the village after welcoming you with some tea in our house. First we go to see Lawrence’s Spring, then sand dunes, Khazali Canyon, Lawrence’s House, and the Little Rock Arch, then we stop to have lunch and a rest at a nice picturesque spot. Now we continue to see yet more interesting places including Um Frouth Arch, the most beautiful rock arch in Wadi Rum, Abu Kashaba Canyon, a narrow sandy canyon where we will pick you up from the other end after you walk and scramble through it.
Towards evening we will look for a nice place to set camp to stay overnight. We will cook for you a delicious meal over the fire and you can watch the sunset, sit down, relax, and later fall asleep while gazing at the stars.
In the morning after breakfast, we will take you back to the village.

2 Day Tour 2 Nights Tour: Sleep under the Stars and Bedouin Camp

This is our favourite tour chosen by many people, as it gives you the chance to spend one night at our Bedouin camp, as well as one night out in the desert.
Furthermore, with two days in Wadi Rum, you will have plenty of time to venture deep into the protected area and visit the most spectacular sites as well as do a good share of exploring the narrow canyons on foot.

Day 1
Highlights include Lawrence’s Spring, Khazali Canyon, Burdah Rock Arch, Abu Kashaba Canyon (40 min hike and scramble and we pick you up from the other end), Um Frouth Arch, as well as climbing up and running down sand dunes.
Today you will get to sleep at our Bedouin camp. Here you get to enjoy a buffet dinner including food cooked the traditional Bedouin way under the Earth, as well as sit around the fire with music played on the oud.

Day 2
Following breakfast the next morning, you will visit Mushroom Stone, the White Canyon, then Burrah Canyon (entails another hike for 1h), Um Ishrin Canyon, Infeshieh Inscriptions, big sand dunes, and Lawrence’s House. You will be doing a good share of walking and hiking. To end our day, we will find the appropriate place to spend the night. You have time to relax and explore the area on foot and enjoy the sunset view before we set the fire to prepare food and make tea, then enjoy a Bedouin night around the fire.
In the morning, you can return to Rum Village either by jeep (20min) or camel (2h, extra charge 25JD).

Day 3 optional
You can optionally add another day plus night to your tour (extra charge). This way you get to explore the White Desert, get a yet more meaningful experience of desert life plus the opportunity to see more hidden places, do more walking and scrambling etc. We will choose yet another amazing spot far in the deep desert to spend the night, overlooking dunes, rocks, and a sky full of stars.