Balloon Ride

Rise high above the sky and discover one of the world’s most mesmerizing desert landscapes from above. Relax, enjoy the breeze and admire towering mountains, vast canyons, mixed with different shades and colours of sand, and huge dunes, and camels strolling around, as far as your eye can reach. Experience a feeling of freedom, gliding slowly in the sky, and create unforgettable memories with your family or friends.

In partnership with Royal Balloon Jordan, in addition to hiking, jeep tours, hiking, camel riding, and sandboarding activities, we offer hot air balloon rides with scenic views over the Wadi Rum desert. Royal Ballon Jordan is an experienced balloon provider with skilled pilots and European fleets, operating in Turkey, Rwanda, Oman, and here in Jordan.
The flight starts early in the morning to catch the good wind conditions. We will take you from the camp to the take-off location, where you can watch the crew unloading, preparing, and inflating the balloon over some morning snacks and general information. If you come from Aqaba, Petra, and elsewhere in Jordan, and want to start with the balloon ride before the tour, we can also meet there directly.
The flight itself takes about an hour and goes in whatever direction the wind will take you with spectacular panoramic desert views all throughout. Afterwards, there will be a short landing ceremony with more snacks and medals.
You can add a balloon ride to any of our tours, however, have a look at some examples for potential trips below.

PRICE 165 JD/ per person

Children up to 12 years old 120 JD

Short 4h/5h tour with balloon ride
During this day tour, you will start with the extraordinary experience of seeing Wadi Rum from high above in the sky. After the landing ceremony, we will directly continue by jeep through the desert, driving through the picturesque Burrah canyon, then passing and stopping at sandstone formations and rock arches, and you also get to see ancient inscriptions, climb a sand dune, and walk through a narrow canyon.

1-day 1-night tour ending with balloon ride
This tour is the same as our conventional full-day jeep tour, stopping at many interesting places, some of which include short hikes, as well as lunch at a nice spot in the desert, followed by an overnight stay at our traditional Bedouin camp. There we play on the oud around the fire, you can watch stars, and taste our Bedouin food from under the ground as part of our delicious dinner buffet. Early in the morning, we will take you to the balloon take-off point.